3. Galaxy Admirals

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games Galaxy-Admirals

Galaxy Admirals is a brand new multiplayer Cosmic Turn based Strategy video game. The game offers a challenging and quite innovative gameplay along with a brilliant grid-based environment. It mainly focuses on Combat oriented play and allows you to improve your skills while struggling against the enemies to conquer the universe. As the game is a Multiplayer-only marvel, it lets you combat against the fellow online players. Your task is to send troops and spaceships to destroy your opponent’s base. The Turn-based play lets you maximize your reach while forwarding towards the enemy base and attack with more power and a better plan. This way you’ll learn to use all the fantastic features of the game and embrace victory.

Galaxy Admirals offers many innovative features in the game. The hexagonal playfield keeps on rotating and that makes the game more interesting and challenging at the same time. There are loads of amazing skills that you can use against the opponents as well as there are plenty of upgrades for your characters. Each and every mission of the game follows a fascinating plot. The inclusion of this remarkable feature keeps you playing the game for hours. Other great features of the game include a strong and powerful AI, beautiful graphics, challenging gameplay and the next-gen mechanics. For a bit different yet exciting Turn-based Strategy experience, you should definitely try it out. You can download Galaxy Admirals for PC via Steam. As one of the best Turn based Strategy games, Galaxy Admirals would entertain you really well.


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