2. BattleTech


BattleTech by Harebrained Schemes is a new Turn-based Strategy title for all the Sci-Fi and Militaristic gaming enthusiasts. The game is set in a futuristic militarized universe and it offers a Single-player campaign, an expansion pack (for the Campaign), and PvP multiplayer play. The game allows you to be Mercenary Commander and lead a team of four powerful Humanoid Mechanical Combat vehicles known as BattleMechs. Your task is to lead the BattleMechs into various hardcore battles against the enemies and defeat them to save the world of BattleTech.

You can choose anyone of the Powerful Noble Houses that rule the world of BattleTech. Once you’ve selected the House type, you can select your BattleMechs, armor, weapons and pilots, etc. With a fairly simple yet exciting gameplay, beautifully crafted visuals, remarkable game mechanics and all the PvP Combats, BattleTech is no doubt one of the best Turn-based Strategy games for PC. This game is scheduled to release in 2018. You can Pre-order BattleTech for PC here. Don’t forget to support Harebrained Schemes on their Kickstarter campaign.


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