10. Civilization VI

best turn based strategy games Civilization-VI

As one of the most recent and probably one of the best inclusions to the Civilization Series, Civilization VI is a phenomenal Turn-based 4X Strategy video game. Created by Firaxis Games, follows the footsteps of its predecessors and offers a similar but quite advanced gameplay. Exploration, Building and Managing the Cities, leading troops into hardcore battles against the foes, researching and developing new technologies, trading, and negotiations, are the most prominent and challenging objectives of the game. According to the developing team, Civilization VI offers more advanced and reliable mechanics, a fundamentally identical but more elaborate gameplay, a great back story and revamped graphics and mechanics.

This makes it one of the most successful titles of Firaxis Games so far. With three major awards, worldwide popularity, and acclaimed by the critics, Civilization VI has sold millions of copies worldwide and it’s still growing every day. If you are a fan of Civilization series games, and you are keen to enjoy a totally new experience of 4X Strategy with Turn-based play, Civilization VI is your game. You can download the PC version of the game from Steam or the Official Website.

All the above titles are some of the best Turn based Strategy games we could find for you to enjoy this year. If you know about any more of the brilliant titles worthy of being on this list, do let us know in Comments. We’ll be happy to have your feedback. Also, check out the upcoming PC games and the best FPS games.


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