It’s summer and this is that time of the year when most people get to take a break from their work and studies. Most people spend their time by going somewhere, while some just like to play video games to pass their time. If your one of those who likes to try out new and best shooting games on their phones, then the following list is for you. Keep in mind that all of the following games are absolutely free of cost, so you don’t have to worry about spending a single penny on them. Though some of them might include in-game purchase options, but that is totally optional.

Best Shooting Games

Here’s a list of Top 5 best shooting games that you must try out.

#5 – Dead Effect

best shooting games for android dead effect

Dead Effect, a first person shooter title developed by inDev Brain for Android as well as for iOS. It is one of the best shooting games available on date. It features the gameplay mechanics similar to the critically acclaimed shooter title, Modern Combat and the Sci-Fi title, N.O.V.A. The game was first available to purchase, but was later made free due to popular demand. However, it still has some in-game purchase options through which players can buy stuff like energies, supplies along with weapons they want to unlock first. Dead Effect features only a single player mode, but it’s still pretty much fun considering the fact that you get to kill zombies with a chainsaw, a machete and even with a mini-gun. A sequel of the game is also available if you have already completed the first part. So in the game, you mainly have to focus on killing the Z’s to make your way through the chaotic land.

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#4- Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War

best shooting games for android Brothers In Arms 3

Set in World War II, Brother in Arms 3: Sons of War is next game in our list of top 5 best shooting games. It is a third-person shooter game developed by one of the biggest mobile games developer, Gameloft. It is the third major installment in the critically acclaimed, Brothers in Arms series and is a sequel to Hour of Heroes and Global Front. The gameplay mechanics are adopted from its prequels but instead of first person gameplay, the game is based as a third person shooter. The game features both single-player and multiplayer modes. It features squads which can be upgraded or changed. As for weapons, they can be purchased from the in-game shop or can be unlocked by completing some special missions or daily challenges. The game also features a wide variety of customization options for weapons. So if you want to get a taste of what World War II felt like, then go straight to the app store and download it.

#3- SHADOWGUN: DeadZone

Shadowgun best shooting games for android

Next game is a must play game in the best shooting games list and it is one of my personal favorite games, SHADOWGUN: DeadZone is a multiplayer shoot title developed by Madfinger Games for both Android and iOS. The game is one of the best multiplayer games out there. It is a spin-off of the 2011 video game, SHADOWGUN, but it features the same visuals and gameplay mechanics. The only difference is that DeadZone was released as a separate multiplayer portion of SHADOWGUN. The game is based in the year 2350, so you can pretty much expect advanced technology and weaponry. Players can complete various in-game tasks to unlock weapons. Do keep in mind that some weapons are rank based so you might have to reach a higher rank to unlock it. Overall, the game is definitely worth a try, and why won’t it be? I mean, it is free. For those who want to get involved in the story, they’ll have to skip DeadZone for now and go straight for SHADOWGUN.

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#2 – Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger best shooting games for android

Dead Trigger, a zombie-themed first-person title developed by Madfinger Games. It is currently considered as one of the best shooting games out there. The game lacks a multiplayer mode and features only the single player portion. Along with Story Missions, there are many side missions and daily challenges available in the game. As for weapons, players can unlock them by making progress in the game or they can simply purchase it using cash and gold. Cash can be earned by completing missions while Gold can be earned by completing various challenges. Gold has its own value and it can be purchased by even real life money. But it’s worth it considering the fact that you can buy exclusive weapons with it. Different kinds of equipment and boosts can also be purchased using these two currencies. Whatever the case is, Dead Trigger is definitely worth a shot. A sequel to the game was also released some time ago, which features the same gameplay mechanics as the first one.

#1 – Modern Combat 5: Blackout

best shooting games for android Modern Combat 5

On the tippy top of my list is the first person shooter title from Gameloft, Modern Combat 5: Black Out. The game undoubtedly tops the list of best shooting games and is a sequel to Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and is the fifth and latest installment in the critically acclaimed, Modern Combat series. The game features a lot of missions along with different multiplayer modes. Along with completing the story solo, players can compete in a variety of multiplayer modes including Free for All, VIP, Squad Battle, Team Battle and a few more. The gameplay is similar to the previous games of its series. However, unlike the previous games of its series, the game was launched as a free-to-play title on all platforms. The game features six different classes in both single-player and multiplayer modes along with high visuals. Personally, it is my favorite mobile game ever and I would definitely recommend everyone to give it a shot. Overall, Modern Combat 5: Black Hours is better than the previous games of its series in every way.

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With our best shooting games for Android list ending here and Modern Combat 5: Black Hour taking the crown, there are still plenty of games we wanted to include in our list. So be sure to visit us after sometime for another list of thrilling games that we would like you to play. For now, be sure to let us know which game you think is the best in these five.