We look at some of the best sci-fi games in 2016. These will include those that have already released as well as those that are about to be released. It’s a great year for sci-fi games with Fallout 4 Nuka World releasing recently and the highly anticipated Deus Ex Mankind Divided finally arriving. In this list we take a look at top 10 best sci-fi games for 2016.

best sci-fi games
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10 – Quantum Break

The main characters of Quantum Break frequently find themselves stuck in time. Yet developer Remedy Entertainment appears to have no such problem. The team behind Max Payne and Alan Wake has evolved its signature style of cinematic shoot em up for its latest release. Seamlessly melding digital gun play and TV style story-telling, Quantum Break is a stylish and often exhilarating third person shooter wrapped up in a well paced tale of time travel.

9 – Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Any game bearing the Deus Ex name sets a high bar for itself. And yet Deus Ex Mankind Divided claims it easily. The follow up to Human Revolution retains the strong gameplay blueprint of choice-driven stealth RPG gameplay that defines the series. But its superlative map and mission design elevate it to new heights.

8 – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

There are moments when all of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst components fall into place. Moments when intricate level design allow the fluid free running to shine or the mission at hand delivers a memorable set piece. There are some stumbling blocks like the clunky combat but they’re not enough to completely derail the magic of those instances where everything goes right. Much of that magic stems from the game’s signature design – Parkour. Unlike most first person action games Catalyst emphasizes movement and momentum over guns and fists.

7 – ReCore

It’s an 8 hour action game in which players, along with companions, explore dungeons to find power-ups to progress through the story. Like Metroid Prime, it offers free form adventuring. New items and abilities urge players to re-explore previous areas. It also bakes in the hyper-active lock on gun combat from Metroid Prime. To sum it up, if you liked Ninetendo’s FPS for the Wii, you’ll definitely love this.

6 – Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games came to E3 sporting a New IP and hero with which to show the gaming world at large. They left having impressed all who saw it and left millions of gamers hungry for more info on its latest and hugely impressive Open World RPG. The game, star and the engine has evolved a lot since we last saw it in use with KillZone Shadow Fall. It’s an impressive take on the post-apocalypse scenario and looks impressive. Knowing Guerilla Games and how experienced they are at making such games at this point, we’re pretty sure we won’t be disappointed when the game finally releases.

5 – Matterfall

The initial trailers of the game are fairly vague about how this game will actually run when it finally comes to market. It looks like this might be another fast-paced arcade game just like ReCore and Metroid Prime. We’ll have to wait and see how this game turns out.

4 – Gears of War 4

Marcus Fenix is back and this time its personal. Though the focus is now on his son who is as masculine as his father, the father-son duo still play out for quite a while in the campaign. The Horde mode has been completely revamped and is now called Horde 3.0. The game is also being given out for free with an Nvidia GTX 1080 purchase. Without a doubt this is a good looking game for both PC and consoles.

3 – Mass Effect Andromeda

We were blown away by the 4K tech demo of the game. With all the leaks and rumors going around, this game might just be the next big thing for BioWare since Dragon Age. The game takes place in Andromeda galaxy as humanity searches for a new planet to establish civilization on. Game also introduces some brand new features like jet packs and vehicle driving to make the game feel more mobile and versatile.

2 – Adrift

Adrift is a deeply fascinating visceral experience that takes place during a tragic space accident and what to do during those first panicking moments when trying to do everything to survive. It’s essentially the movie Gravity played from a first person perspective with no companions whatsoever and only the floating debris in space to hear your endless screams. It’s a unique take on the first person survival genre.

1 – Star Citizens takes the top spot in our Best Sci-Fi Games list

When it comes to games in development, Kotaku recently came out with an exhaustively long article about the production woes of Star Citizen. We’ve been following this game for quite a while. The game’s crowd funded campaign has managed to raise up to a $125 million. Even though it appears to be a pipe dream at the moment, we still think it would be released one day and it’s going to be phenomenal.

Let us know what you think of our Best Sci-Fi Games list.


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