When talking about different ways to earn hard cash, smartphones are generally not on the list. Smartphones cost money to buy, after which you need to pay for calls, messages, and internet. So where’s the part when you can actually earn from your smartphone? Well, with a few Android apps, you actually can earn from your mobile. We have prepared a list of “best money making apps for Android” you can use today itself.

Best Money Making Apps 2018

But before we go on and tell you about the best money making apps, you should obviously know that these apps won’t make you millions of cash in a few days of weeks. They will only earn you enough to perhaps cover your mobile bill and data costs.

best money making apps

So let’s go through the list and find out which are the best money making apps on Android for you.

1. Buzzinga

The Buzzinga app gives you rewards to download and review apps. You get points for such tasks; so the more you download and review apps, more points you get. These points can be redeemed for smartphones, Ultra HD TVs, other gadgets, and gift cards.

2. Earn Money

As the name suggests, this money making app helps you earn hard cash through different ways. You can earn money by seeing apps, installing apps, etc. Once you accumulate enough rewards, you can withdraw it to your PayPal account. However, the number of offers might be limited in certain locations.

3. MintCoins

MintCoins is another one of the top money making apps similar to Earn Money, and you can earn cash by gaining virtual coins. Activities include watching videos, downloading free apps, completing surveys, referring friends, and registering with websites. Minimum withdrawal limit is $1, and unlike Earn Money, the number of offers is higher.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards offers you Google Play credit for completing surveys. You just need to complete the surveys when you receive the notification; it’s basically a simple series of questions that you need to answer. With the Google Play Store credit that you receive, you can buy music, apps, and more.

5. Rewardable

This app for making money on Android smartphone is more useful to the US users, but it is also available in other regions nonetheless. The virtual tasks can be easily completed by anyone. The earnings are high and can be transferred to PayPal.

6. iPoll

iPoll works like Google Opinion Rewards and pays you cash for completing surveys. Some tasks are location-based, while others can be completed anywhere. You might get a question-based survey, or might even be asked to upload images, audios, or videos. You can pull your earnings to PayPal, iTunes, or Amazon.

7. AppCasher

This is another one of the best money making apps for smartphones which pay you to test apps. All you need to do is install and launch apps, and you will receive credits for the same. These credits can be redeemed as gift cards, or can also be transferred to PayPal.


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