The Apple iPhone 7 has been launched to a great fanfare. The expensive smartphone also calls for suitable accessories. The iPhone wallet cases are a great way to protect your smartphone while making them more useful. Of course, the look can’t be compromised. The wallet cases eliminate the need to carry both your iPhone 7 and wallet separately. There are many great models on the market right now. These stylish iPhone 7 wallet cases have been designed to offer protection and comfort. Check out the top 10 Best iPhone 7 Wallet Cases To Choose From:

1. DesignSkin Slider Slim 2


The fashionable wallet case comes with an elevated front bezel. It comes with two layers of protection from accidental falls. The DesignSkin Slider Slim 2 comes with a hidden card slot. It is priced at $26.99 and comes in five colors.

2. Amicool iPhone 7 Wallet Case


The comfortable wallet case is made from the top grade PU cowhide material. The durable case sports beautiful stitching. It has three card slots and a sleeve for cash along with a zipper cash storage. The case can also be detached from the wallet. The Amicool wallet case comes in Black, Brown, Pink and Rose Red. It is priced at $15.99.

3. Valentoria iPhone 7 Leather Wallet Case


The great looking wallet case is crafted with premium PU leather material. It offers nine slots for cards and a compartment for cash. There is also a detachable magnetic flip cover that can be installed and removed with ease. The Valentoria wallet case also offers protection from drops to your iPhone 7. It is priced at $50.

4. ZVE iPhone 7 Wallet Cases


The hybrid wallet case offers great protection. It is both shockproof and anti-scratch. The fashionable wallet case sports a soft-textured design. The ZVE wallet case comes with one slot on the back for cards and cash. It is priced at $39.99 and comes in four charming colors.

5. Crosspace iPhone 7 Wallet Case


The stylish wallet case is made from the finest PU leather material. It offers nine slots for cards and two money pockets. The Crosspace iPhone 7 Wallet Case sports a hard interior shell that offers protection from falls. It is priced at $15.99.

6. Bear Motion Wallet Case


The impressively stitched wallet case is made from quality PU leather, and feels very soft to the touch. It comes with two card slots and a built-in stand that allows you to use your smartphone in landscape mode. The Bear Motion Wallet Case features microfiber liner that prevents against scratches. It is priced at Bear Motion Wallet Case and comes in three colors.

7. X-Doria iPhone 7 Wallet Case


The slim wallet case comes with hidden slots on the back for two cards. The minimalist X-Doria comes in four colors. It is priced at $34.99.

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8. YOKIRIN Wallet Case


The gorgeous wallet case sports a notebook style colorful printed pattern. It is made of PU leather and features a flip-style magnetic closure which allows you to watch videos. There are two card slots and a pocket for cash. The YOKIRIN wallet case comes in seven colors. It is priced at $16.99.

9. JOBSS iPhone 7 Wallet Case


The lightweight wallet case sports an ultra-modern design with a stylish pattern. It features one hidden slot on the back to hold one card and some cash. The JOBSS iPhone 7 wallet case comes with air cushion technology to protect against drops. It is priced at $28.99 and comes in eleven colors.

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10. Silk iPhone 7 Wallet Case


The minimalist wallet case looks fabulous. It features a high grip textured sides which offer a comfortable grip on your iPhone 7. The one-piece construction features three slots for cash and a pocket for cash. It is priced at $19.92.

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