We love keyboard and mouse. But you have to admit, some games play a lot better with a controller. These include hack-n-slash games and third person games in general. Here we give our pick for the top 5 controllers for PC gaming.

top 5 controllers
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1. PlayStation DualShock 4 – Expensive but really good

It’s a very amazing piece of tech. It has a lot of simple inputs which, when combined together, enrich the experience. The feel of the analog sticks and the sensitivity of both triggers gives a genuinely good experience. In addition to that, there are all these features which don’t compromise the basic feel of the DualShock 4.

top 5 controllers
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2. Wired Xbox 360 – Cheap and fairly good

It’s a great controller for any game. If you have a Mac, you’ll have to emulate Windows on it to make the controller work with your games. And it works amazingly well in that setting as well. It has a pretty lengthy USB cable and the controller feels good in the hand. The rough texture makes it easy to firmly grip it.

top 5 controllers
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3. Xbox Elite – A bit pricey but looks really good

What makes it elite? Well, it has a ton of neat features. It has magnetized interchangeable thumb sticks. The thumb sticks feel weird because they are a bit taller than normal ones and makes it a chore to press other buttons. We personally didn’t like the dish-like swappable D-Pad. So, it’s a good think most of the parts of the controller can be replaced to customize the controller for your preference. The magnetic nature of the mounts means that situations in the game that require a quick reaction, you might not be able to respond with this controller correctly.

top 5 controllers
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4. Steam controller – Really expensive but not worth the price

In order to make PC games work in the living room, Valve had to design this all new controller. It emulates the feel of PC games really well. In the development process, the controller was supposed to be the jack of all trades but, in reality, it doesn’t do anything really well. The controller is made entirely of plastic except for its rubber thumb stick. It looks like a cheap gamepad you buy to play games for your iPad. The touch pads are angled upwards so you could strain your thumbs while trying to lay them flat. This is the least recommended on our top 5 controllers list.

top 5 controllers
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5. Logitech F710

It uses a nano USB receiver. There’s an extender in case the receiver’s all the way at the back in your PC and you need to extend your controller till there. The controller allows you to turn on/ off the vibrating feedback. This controller is really good with racing games and indie titles like Octodad and I Am Bread because of the buttons layout. There’s a rubber feel to the side which gives you a better grip.

Let us know what you think of our top 5 Best PC controllers list.

  • Belmonkey

    Sounds like the author didn’t spend much time with the Steam controller (or even knew what they were doing tbh). You compare better to m+kb players in shooters and “PC” games like Counter Strike and Warcraft than with any of the other listed gamepads. Thanks to the ever-improving software, it has much greater gaming versatility than anything else mentioned. It’s even great for the desktop.

    It is a software-based controller. What you get out of it is based on how you tweak the software settings to your liking in Steam. If you treat it like any other plug and play (in specific games only) controller, you’re gonna have a bad time. It can work with anything if you set it up properly, and better than a traditional controller, but it requires some work on your part.

    Also, you’re thumbs aren’t supposed to be flat on the pads, you’re supposed to use the tips of your thumbs, along with combining that with the gyro motion controls, which is great for aiming or moving the mouse somewhere.

  • mustachio

    The Steam controller fills a particular niche. I find it works well with Civilization and certain rts games. I bought it just for that. Otherwise i use the standard xbone remote and have no complaints. I wonder how long it will take someone to post “why are you limiting yourself with a controller”? It cracks me up. Some games just make more sense with a controller. Thats the beauty of the PC. You can play it your way.