Buying a car or selling a new car is a difficult experience. But, we are living in the internet era. Our lives are centered around our phones. Therefore, it is useful to have some car for sale apps on your phone. There are many apps for all platforms that will make your previous car selling or buying experience feel like it was in the 16th century. Some of the apps will help you find a car you want to buy; others will help you sell a car while others will help you gather more information about cars.

Best Car for Sale Apps


car for sale apps is one of the best car for sale apps that’s based on a popular car-buying website. Just like the website, app allows you to search car dealerships, car model and make, mileage, year and more. You can then compare each of the filters side-by-side. In an era where reviews are being relied upon, this car for sale app also lets you get car reviews from car owners and also experts from A unique thing about this best app for car buying is that it has a built-in loan calculator that swiftly provides you with monthly installments, deposits figures, interest rates, and tax consideration when you type in the price of the car. You can also upload images of your car and put in the price if you want to sell.

The app introduced new service and repair feature recently. This feature helps you find the right shop and the right price for maintenance and repairs. You can also get a fair-price estimate based on real shops and dealers in your area.


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The most difficult aspect of the car buying process is finding the right car. Sometimes you are not sure what you want. app, available on Android and iOS, helps you find cars near you or within a specified location. You can filter your results using filters such as new or used, make, model, year, and price. The AutoTrader database includes cars from private sellers and car dealerships.

The app lets you connect with sellers via phone call or e-mail. You can get to know more about the dealer, see dealer hours of operation and find directions. Once you create a free “My Autotrader” account, you can save cars and searches for easy access later on. This is definitely one of the best apps for car buying.

3. Edmunds

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The prices of used cars can be hard to determine since you will not find the true market value and most dealerships are out to take advantage of your naivety in car prices. The Edmund app will help. It lets you search car for sale by make and model. It will find all car deals for the specific make and model near you. With the detailed results it provides, you can get the best deal in your locality. This best app for buying cars provides the true market value for new cars.

4. CarMax

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The CarMax app makes finding your perfect used car even more easier and allows you to view cars available in the CarMax Dealer car lot. The app’s interface allows you to view the car for more info and details. From the app, you can see the price for each used car CarMax has to offer. CarMax dealership has 96 locations. To reduce a lot of traveling view car in the dealership location near you.

5. Kelley Blue Book

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The Kelley Blue Book is the top source of car prices since 1926. But these days nobody reads the blue book. That’s the reason they introduced the mobile app. The app provides car pricing reports for used cars and old cars. It also provides reviews for new cars, and you can watch car videos, see car photos and see prices of different car dealerships.

6. TrueCar

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Rightly called “The Car Buying App”, True car is one of the best car for sale apps. The app provides you with a dealer’s upfront prices. Download and install the app, then visit any TrueCar Certified dealer’s page to view their car lot. You will see what other buyers paid for each car. You can also use the app to scan the window sticker of a car and view its upfront price. TrueCar helps reduce price negotiations. The app provides access to network of over 11,000 dealers offering guaranteed savings on every car on the lot.

You get to save an average of $3,200 (though not available in all states at this point in time) when buying from a TrueCar Certified Dealer. The app lets you connect directly with a representative at the dealership with questions or to schedule a test drive. This app should definitely be on your list of best apps for car sale.

7. eBay Motors

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eBay shines in online selling and buying. eBay sells cars too. eBay Motors is an online platform you can use to buy new or used cars, motorcycles, and automobile accessories. The mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices, offers the same unique car buying experience on the website. You first have to find the car you want. After that, you can choose ‘Buy it Now’, or ‘Make a Bid’. Do not forget eBay Motors allows you to sell your cars too.

8. AAA Auto Buying Tools

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While most car for sale apps are focused on providing prices, AAA Auto Buying Tools is an app focused on providing useful information. This app gives you all the auto buying tools you need to make shopping for a new automobile a simple, stress-free experience. With this app, you can search the VIN and pull out the vehicle history. The app gives you detailed information about any make and model you intend to purchase. The app is focused on new cars. Here you will not find classics and rare vehicles. The app offers car prices and one simple tap to buy labelled ‘Buy Thru AAA’. Few apps for buying cars are as detailed as this app.

9. VIN Scanner Appraiser

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Car history is an important aspect when you are buying a car. Unlike most car for sale apps on this list, VIN Scanner Appraiser helps determine the car history of a car you hope to buy. It is important to know how many accidents the car has been involved in, how many times the car has been inspected, and how many repairs it has had. All cars have Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN). To get the detailed history of a car in this app, type the VIN in the search box. The app is free for download, but the information you seek may be worth a few dollars.

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10. Credit Karma Credit Score App

Where will you get the funds to buy your new car? If you plan on getting a loan, this app will help you know your credit score beforehand. The app offers TransUnion credit reports, which may differ a little from the score your bank provides. However, the figures it provides are not far off, and they will give you a good idea of what to expect when you visit the bank for a loan to buy a car. The app provides credit score inquiries notification so that you can know who is seeking your credit history.

The app received an update recently and now provides credit reports from Equifax too. The cleaner, redesigned layout now provides for an upgraded dashboard that quickly highlights key changes to your credit profile. This is definitely one app that augments the best apps for car sale.

You can take car buying and car selling to the next level using these car for sale apps. These apps will help overcome most problems involved in the car buying process. Online shopping is the trend nowadays. Join the online car buyers and sellers directly from your smartphone and make your car buying experience a real pleasure!