Whether you love the series or hate it, you can’t deny this series has been on a killstreak. We countdown to our top 10 picks for the best Call of Duty games. For this list, we are looking at the entire main canon of games from the popular FPS series.

best call of duty games

10. Call of Duty 3

We remember this being great on the original Xbox. Getting grabbed by a Nazi at the top of a basement staircase and having a QTE to get him off us was probably one of the best jumpscares we’ve ever seen. The six axis quick time events are really enjoyable on the 360. It was done by joy stick since the 360 had no six axis. But it was very creative and very well implemented on the 360. Rather than just pressing square or x it makes you more involved in the game. More involved actions need to be implemented in modern shooters.

9. Modern Warfare 3

Rounding up the Modern Warfare trilogy was this 2011 entry. Trying to recapture Modern Warfare 2’s lightning in a bottle, the campaign saw players navigating through World War 3 with a variety of jaw-dropping cinematic moments. Who doesn’t remember London being attacked through the lens of a family camera or the terrible demise of Soap?


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