Looks like Selena Gomez-The Weeknd relationship is going strong. The duo were spotted getting cozy with each other outside the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, California recently. Selena Gomez, wearing powder blue pants, a black peacoat, and booties, was seen wrapping her arms around Abel Tesfaye, famously known as The Weeknd. Selena was also spotted kissing The Weeknd on his cheek. The duo were hugging, kissing and super affectionate. Selena looked incredibly happy spending time with The Weeknd. And this clearly hasn’t gone well with Abel Tesfaye’s ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid.

image source: etonline
image source: etonline

Bella Hadid feels bitter about Selena Gomez’s relationship with The Weeknd

According to insider sources, Bella Hadid is not just disappointed, she is actually pissed at Selena Gomez’s relationship with The Weeknd. “She is actually not over The Weeknd. She still loves him… They are on fine terms, but she is bitter about the romance with Selena. She was not happy when all of that gossip went everywhere between The Weeknd and Selena… It really hurt her seeing Selena be all up on her man. She still feels like they have a connection”, added the source.

It looks like The Weeknd always had an eye for Selena Gomez. According to reports, The Weeknd thinks Selena is extremely talented and sexy. But the duo seems to be taking their relationship slow and are concentrating on knowing each other really well. It looks like Selena Gomez finally found a way out of her obsession with Justin Bieber. At one point in time, she couldn’t get over Justin Bieber and was obsessed with their relationship so much that she began bombarding her friends with pictures of Bieber and herself. She said she missed him and the pictures made her feel happy. But her friends found it downright creepy.

Selena Gomez was jealous about Sofia Richie dating Justin Bieber. She can now relate to how exactly Bella Hadid must be feeling right now about her relationship with The Weeknd. Will Bella move on, just like Selena Gomez and find her Mr. Perfect?


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