Stone Talus is one of the most nefarious enemies in the 19th game of the Legend of Zelda series. Through all these years Legend of Zelda has remained one of our most favourite action-adventure game. In the Hyrule, Stone Talus remains the biggest challenge to complete. To defeat Stone Talus you need to be strategic in Breath of the Wild.

Each Stone talus that you will encounter in the game follows the same combat style. First, they fling their rock arms with a high frequency in your direction. These attacks are hard to dodge because of the huge size of Stone Talus. After they sense that their rock arms are not enough to finish you off then they use their stone limbs to start a sweeping attack.

Stone Talus (courtesy- Zeldauniverse)
Stone Talus (courtesy- Zeldauniverse)

So what is the best strategy to defeat this Talus? Well! all their attacks emerge from their boulder like limbs, so the best way to achieve victory against a Talus is to blow off his arms with bombs and grenades. Without its limbs, Stone Talus will fall on grounds and then you can destroy his weakest point, the glowing crystal at his back.

However, breaking a Talus’s crystal isn’t that easy a task. You need to attack incessantly at the crystal with weapons such as boulder breakers, stone smashers, and other such weapons which are designed to break hard stones. Stone breaking tools can be found in the Eldin region. But such weapons have relatively greater durability and can be trusted instead of your one for all sword.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild( courtesy-Zelda)
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild( courtesy-Zelda)

And if the crystal is visible from your side then you can defeat the Talus just by hitting with a long spear if it is within your reach. This is the best and quickest way to end a Stone Talus but you should swift as an eagle in hitting right at the crystal because if you miss a few hits and if the Talus turns back to you then there will not be much time left for you to escape safely.

Stone Talus comes in the following main variants:

Talus Power Attack Region
Stone Talus HP 300 Drops Amber, Flint Opal, and Ruby Tabantha Tower, Ridgeland Tower, Central Tower, Great plateau, Dueling Peaks tower, Faron Tower and Hateno Tower
Luminous Talus HP 600 Drops Amber, Opal, Flint, Topaz, Luminous Stone and diamond Gerudo Tower, Ridgeland Tower, Wasteland tower, Central Tower, Dueling Peaks tower, Hateno Tower, Laanayru Tower.
Rare Talus HP 900 Drops Flint, Amber, Topaz, Opal, Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond Gerudo Tower, Tabantha Tower, Hebra Tower, Ridgeland Tower, and Central Tower.



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