Well, we all knew that the weird handshake guy was going to astonish us all with his “Let’s Make America Great Again” moves when he comes to power. But, nobody ever thought that his small hands will extend to people flying thousands of meters above in the sky. This March, Trump Administration issued orders to ban all gadgets over and above the dimension of 16×9.3×1.5cm/6.3×3.7×0.6-inches into USA bound flights originating from Middle East countries. (Though originally he wanted to build a wall in the US skyline, sadly NASA hasn’t yet discovered any country in space outside the US skyline to bear its cost, So he has to stay satisfied with the gadgets ban.)

Gadgets Ban
Source: The Indian Express

As per some new reports, US might extend these gadgets ban to every flight entering in the USA. In the meanwhile, every business traveler is worried how they are going to make it through the 10-12 hours flight without their laptops and tablets. The new Flight Safety regulations require all devices larger than a smartphone, like digital cameras, laptops, tablets, Kindles and similarly sized electronic devices to be packed along with your luggage.

Now on to the main issue, i.e., how not to die of boredom even before touching the great American soil? Well, the best way is to book a flight that will depart any day after January 2020, but that will be an exaggeration of the “45th Menace”. Here is a list of some simple ways you can beat boredom caused by gadgets ban during your flight.

Gadgets Ban In USA Flights
Source- Al Jazeera

1. Gadgets Ban? Solve Rubik’s Cube.

I was going to recommend Jenga first, but then it reminded me of Jimmy Fallon’s show where he interviews Trump as Trump. However, Rubik’s cube is handy and less annoying and you can complete it even after you are hella drunk. Trust me if you are novice then it’s gonna take you at least three returning flights to solve Rubik’s cube.


2. Shift Your Work To Your Smartphone.

Source- Google

Try to shift your office to your smartphone if you are a frequent US visitor because the Laptop and tablet ban isn’t going soon, not before 2020 at least. I know a small screen can’t be a solution to your big job assignments, but hey! the ban is on gadgets having a display above 7.5-inches, so now is the time to go big with your smartphone screen. Choose big to survive this gadget ban in airlines.

3. It’s Time We Install All Those Paid Productive Apps.

Source- Google

Face the reality, now we can no more avoid paying for the productive apps because we have their alternatives installed on our laptops. Apps like Evernote, Apple Pages, Microsoft Excel, etc. are really handy if you give them a chance. Also once you get pass the immigrations and customs (try to get out alive out of US Airports) you can easily retrieve your work through cloud services.

4. Pack A Foldable Keyboard With You.

LG Rolly Keyboard (Source- UK Mobile Store)
LG Rolly Keyboard (Source- UK Mobile Store)

Everyone’s boss is strict with getting works done on time, however, it’s not possible to type a page long email on your smartphone. And that is when Portable keyboards will come to your rescue. Foldable keyboards like LG Rolly and Apple’s Magic Keyboard are great choices in thus regard.

5. Keep A Power Bank.

Source: Google

With heavy gadgets like laptop and tablet ban, your smartphone is your only companion. But that will soon get discharged by the time you reach the Atlantic Ocean. What would you do then? The answer is simple- Grab ’em Portable Chargers! Any portable charger with a capacity of more than 5,000mAh will be sufficient. Portable Chargers are going to keep your smartphone from showing the most hated notification of all time.

6. Chat With Your Co-Passengers.

Source: Google

You know what is the biggest of all gift endowed upon us by the mother nature? The answer is communication. In a non-stop 10 hour flight you can make some really great friends. And if there is booze then boy you are in for some serious relationship. Remember Tyler Durden? Also, this will also be a good time to meet someone who shares the same opinion as you about the new President.

7. It’s Time You Renew Your Netflix Subscription.

Netflix & Chill (Source: Facebook)

With next season House of Cards just round the corner, you might have the most satisfying journey of your life. Netflix is really a God’s blessing in disguise for all who are planning to pay a visit to the Uncle Sam. There is a whole lineup of really awesome TV shows and movies on Netflix that you won’t even know you are in America unless the Homeland Security drags you off your seat (I think these days the job has been delegated to the United Airlines.)

Well friends share with us how have you been spending your time in USA bound flights after Donald Trump assumed office. Also if you happen to think of another unique way of chilling through long-distance flight then please let us know through the comment box.

Bon Voyage!


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