Fans of Battlefront can be put to ease knowing the devs are toiling hard through the weekend to give a finished product that will release on September 20. “I have to double my effort today, even though you are not supposed to work on Sundays. Trying to make the Emperor happy.” says the lighting director and it’s no surprise because lighting directors are always brought in the end. This means they will have to work really fast and still give spectacular results in time for the release date. The Battlefront Death Star DLC is set to release on September 20 this year.

battlefront death star
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Battlefront Death Star DLC Will feature Space Battles, Corridor Shooting and a change of outfit for all heroes

As noted by Reddit user BornIntoAttitude, the new DLC will include changes to Chewbacca and Bossk. The DLC will also include changes to Luke and Han’s dressing by showing them in stormtrooper outfits. Luke’s ship is pretty small as compared to a normal TIE fighter. However, it will have R2D2 on board which will repair the ship mid-flight. Regarding Darth Vader, he had this to say.

“”He has a lot of offensive abilities, and if you’re flying your own TIE fighter within the vicinity of the Dark Lord your damage capability increases.” (u/BattlefrontUpdates asked Dennis about this and it turns out that at the time of this interview this damage increase was going to be included but since then it has been removed and won’t be included when the DLC goes live)”

Battlefront Death Star DLC will feature a higher level cap. It will also have a double score weekend from September 23rd to 25th. So make sure you clear your schedule for that weekend so you can rank up your account much faster.

Will you be playing the Battlefront Death Star DLC? Let us know in the comments. We’ll keep you updated about more Battlefront content. EA has also confirmed another DLC by the end of the year so stay tuned to MobiPicker to know all the details.


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