Here’s some surprising news. Battlefield Hardline will soon have a new map, Chinatown, that is a remake of Battlefield 3’s famous (or infamous) Grand Bazaar map. Chinatown will be a part of Betrayal, the final DLC pack for the game.


More details about the map were revealed in a behind the scenes video, embedded below. It’s pretty interesting to take a look behind how one of these things were made. Apparently, not only is Chinatown a remake of Grand Bazaar, the map is based directly on the original Grand Bazaar’s map file. A whole bunch of changes have been made to the map, most notably to prevent snipers from running the show. Furthermore, spawns have been moved closer to the action.

Screen space reflection has also been added to the map through various props and objects, creating a more lifelike look. This bit’s notable because the multiplayer side of the game did not extensively use screen space reflections before.

Battlefield Hardline’s Betrayal DLC will come out in March, and as we reported earlier, will also feature swords in its arsenal of weaponry.

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