EA has released a new trailer showcasing the 4 new maps that will be included with the Betrayal DLC. Alcatraz, Cemetary, Chinatown and Thin Ice are on display here, so if you want a sneak peek at the maps before the DLC comes out, do check out the trailer below.


Alcatraz is set in – you guessed it – Alcatraz, and appears to feature a mix of all kinds of combat situations, from open outdoors to clammy indoors, close quarters to long range sniping. Chinatown is a remake of Grand Bazaar from Battlefield 3, with various optimisations and improvements added. Thin Ice appears to be set in a cold, snowy environment with broken down war machinery littered around, and finally, Cemetery is set in a spooky, Gothic cemetery full of gargoyles and creepy statues.

Apart from the 4 new maps, Battlefield Hardline’s Betrayal DLC will come with 7 weapons (including swords, apparently), 2 new vehicles and customisable weapons, as well as Legendary camos.

The Betrayal DLC for Battlefield Hardline will be releasing some time next month, but no specific release date has been announced as of yet.



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