A new Battlefield game, widely believed to be Battlefield 5, is going to be revealed later today. To fan the flames of anticipation, EA has revealed a new teaser for the game, presumably a part of the full “world premiere” trailer that will be released approximately 8 hours from now. Could this teaser already have given away the game’s World War I setting?

Battlefield 5 Teaser

DualShockers believe that the outfit worn by the character in the teaser may have given away that the game is set within the trench warfare of World War I. This would confirm existing rumours of the game’s World War I setting that have originated from an entry for the game seen at a Swiss retailer. This would be a very marked departure for the series, which started with a World War II shooter before graduating to modern warfare (and taking a brief detour to play cops and robbers).

The game, which will likely be released in the traditional mainline Battlefield release window of late October, will go up against Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. But that’s not all: Battlefield 5 (if it is called that) also has to attract users away from the remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. A very challenging year lies ahead for EA and DICE.


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