In October of a year ago, not long after its discharge, it started to look (or, all the more precisely, solid) like the return shooter Battlefield 1 would take after a similar way. Players found earphones covered up in each map. These, when combined with mystery radio stations, prompted to the disclosure of scrambled Morse code communications.

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Battlefield 1’s Morse Code Puzzle Has Been Solved But It Reveals Much More Than You Would Expect

It’s taken months to make sense of what the messages were stating. Yet that was a piece of the arrangement. As noted by Kotaku, in November the message changed to show that the past transmission was “debased”. And that players were to sit tight for further directions. Refreshed messages as of late started broadcasting. And to nobody’s awesome shock the directions they contain are mischievously convoluted. Even with the puzzle now fathomed, there’s no simple route for players to know what it all means.

That is on the grounds that the earphones are covered up in one of five conceivable areas on each map. And the key areas referenced in the messages they prompt to differ also. And to a considerably bigger degree. From that point, you’ll need to pursue down more reserved earphones, unravel new messages, open heavier encryption, discover more mystery areas. Thus it goes. It’s not the sort of thing you’re probably going to get past over a respite.

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