Today we go over what we consider to be the best medic guns in Battlefield 1 and which ones you might want to avoid. As a medic, you can consistently beat an assault up close, a support at medium range, and a scout at somewhat long ranges. The best way to level up as medic? Throwing the medical packs down and reviving people. Especially in Operations because that mode is a Medic gold mine. This BF1 medic class guide is designed to help players who are new to Battlefield 1 learn to better play the medic class.

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Battlefield 1 guide for medic

A classic weapon to play the Medic with is Autoloading 8.35. The gun drops people like none other but the 5 round capacity makes it unusable. If DICE made it 10 rounds in some kind of patch later on it would never leave our hands. The extended one is way weaker than the factory version. You can drop someone in three shots with the factory which is why they don’t let you have many bullets with it but 5 bullets just make it unusable.

Unlike past battlefield games where revivable allies had a clearly visible marker over their heads, no such marker appears in this game by default. You have to actively watch your minimap for death symbols and look at the ground to try and find their bodies. It is definitely more difficult than previous games in the series.

Also, and this is for players not playing medic if you get killed then don’t instakill yourself and wait patiently for the medic. The frustrating thing about people cancelling their revive time is that they can clearly see how close medics are to them. Makes it really frustrating when you are very close, about to revive them, only to see them cancel it.


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