The upcoming Battlefield 1 update will change up a lot of things. However, the most important change will be coming to the Medic class. We’ll be going over that and some other balance issues that will be solved when the game finally releases.

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Battlefield 1 Update – Medic class changes drastically

Now in the Beta, you actually had to press a button to request a revive. If you didn’t do this you wouldn’t actually have a Revive icon over your incapacitated body. Although you could still be revived, Medic’s just needed this to know which ones needed reviving. This was pretty difficult. Hence, so few people were actually revived in the game.

In a way, we understand that sometimes you don’t want to be revived. For example, if you got incapacitated with your body still in the enemy line of fire, you wouldn’t want to be revived immediately because you would just get hit and die again. So, not requesting one will make sure you don’t get revived. However, it did make the Medic class borderline useless. Because most people didn’t know about the revive button or were just too slow to press it.

There were also a bunch of technical issues with the revive button. The spot where the player died at was the actual location where they had to be revived. However, bodies would sometimes go flying from that location to somewhere else. DICE has confirmed that they are fixing this issue. Also, the revive icon will be fixed. It will show up where the dead bodies are on the mini-map instead of the spot that the soldier died on.

Other balanced changes to the revive system are being made. The elite classes will not be revivable. So, if you die as a flame trooper or another elite pick up, you cannot be revived by the medic. This will also be applied to players in vehicles. So, if you’re on a horse or inside a truck and you die, you will not be revivable.

Let us know what you think of the new Battlefield 1 update.


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