The Battlefield 1 is all set to receive a major new update, EA DICE confirms this week. Recently the studio released a huge cache of information about the most anticipated First-person shooter. The latest upcoming Patch is being referred to as CTE Patch. Its reportedly bringing in significant improvements for weapons and vehicles.

Netcode and Server-side Hit Detection Improvements

DICE also confirms that new Battlefield 1 patch will improve the Netcode. And will help improve the server-side hit detection system. However, everything in the upcoming CTE patch will not be available for the main Battlefield game, DICE confirms.

Sniper Rifle Mechanics Improvements

As part of the upcoming weapons and vehicles improvements, in the new update patch Sniper rifles mechanics will see improvements. The players will no longer face the issues with Sniper rifles’ Cocking pieces and zooming. The M1903 will have a new experimental trigger. This trigger is added to match the They Shall Not Pass DLC changes for the ROF.

Delay In Grenade Throwing

In addition, as part of the latest update patch, there will be some delay now on grenade throwing. And the supply of ammunitions and explosives will now take less time. DICE has also made sure that the players will now face no issues while exiting the St. Chamond Tank. The First-person camera will now reset every time the player leave the tank. As part of the update, the AA Canon now will damage more than one targets with more firepower.

CTE And Controls Improvements

The players will have improved CTE and controls. Better netcode will now be offered in the game for online harmonious connections in the game. As seen on the scoreboards, the Latency will now take place of the Ping. So, now player who ping over 100 ms, will receive a penalty. Furthermore, the server-side hit-detection’s improved functions will allow players to detect Icons in the upper right corner.

Hit Info and Algorithms Improvements

Moreover, the new update will help prioritize the hit info as well. This will accompany various algorithm improvements to avoid lag in the gameplay.

This is the very compact version of all the improvements coming your way via the latest upcoming Battlefield update patch. If you want to know about the upcoming improvements in detail, please refer to PVPLive official Website.

The New Platoon System

Another big announcement about the game is the upcoming Platoon System that’s launching in the spring season. The Platoon system will allow the players to organize and join teams of friends. Keep in mind that no official details about the upcoming Platoon System have been announced.

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Source: UniversityHerald