Battlefield 1 Conquest and Rush game modes are going to get a complete overhaul after DICE responds to player feedback during Beta. Lead World Designer, Daniel Berlin talked about all the changes coming to the game in a blog post. Not only that but there will be major weapon and vehicle changes to bring balance to the game. We’ve decided to summarize some of the changes here. The Battlefield 1 beta is the most successful game beta in EA’s history. Furthermore, the beta has had the highest player count ever recorded in an EA game. Battlefield 1 update is going to be massive when the game finally releases in its full glory.

battlefield 1 update

Battlefield 1 Update – All the changes DICE is going to make in the future

Conquest game mode will receive major changes in terms of ticket scoring. The next time you play the game, capturing the objectives and getting kills will both contribute towards the final score of a Conquest match.

Slight tweaks are reportedly being made to the Rush game mode to make it refreshing and more fun. Lead world designer will mostly be making the changes that were highly sought after by players who gave feedback.

Light tank will be nerfed. So, those having fun killing a lot of players in this vehicle, well this will be your last time enjoying it. Expect the vehicle to be under-powered to bring considerable changes. Horses will be nerfed as well as they can easily turn into an unstoppable killing machine due to the high amount of hit points they have. More tools are also expected to be added in the final release. So, keep a look out for these changes when the game releases.

Let us know what you think of this Battlefield 1 update. Stay tuned to MoibPicker for more updates. We recently reported that Battlefield 1 ranked servers will take away a lot of control from their admins.


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