Do you enjoy shooting, getting shot, and long lulls in-between? Battlefield 1’s new Line of Sight custom game mode is interesting. And a sniper-fest. Jokes aside, the Line of Sight game mode fills and niche in Battlefield 1 for players who want a more realistic WWI experience.

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Battlefield 1 adds a new Line of Sight game mode

200% bullet damage, no vehicles (excluding horses), no health regen, no grenades. Oh, and you can only use the weapons in the medic and scout class. It’s also a Rush game mode. Line of Sight can be difficult to PTFO on. Line of Sight is available on Battlefield 1 under the multiplayer tab, and then custom games.

New Line of Sight provides a great opportunity to practice marksmanship in Battlefield 1. So, grab your sniper rifle and give it a shot. If you’re feeling lucky, play the objective. There’s more risk and more reward. Hopefully, it will pull the non-teamplay snipers from conquest.

We are also expecting a form of actual WWI combat from DICE in later patches. Maybe a form of Operations with the scout and medic class only (like line of sight). That would be very fun to see/play. As for the special class for this form of game mode, it could be an assault class, with a ton of grenades. Because that’s actually what storm troopers had. That would be an interesting game mode.

The thing that we think DICE should change in Battlefield 1 is custom games. Paying for your own custom game is unfair. You should be able to create your own custom matches and games for FREE.