Today we’ll talk about some of the changes made to weapon mechanics, menu system, UI and unlocking system. Our Battlefield 1 Tips article will cover all of that and more. This will allow you to ease your way into the game. One of the new things we want to talk about is the weapon modification called Recoil Direction.

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Battlefield 1 Tips – Recoil Direction

By default it’s set on center. But you can choose left or right. Choosing either direction will make your weapon move slightly in that direction whenever you fire it. Every single weapon in Battlefield 1 has an equal pull in both directions. So, in the end, it’s totally based on personal preference.

Iron sights

Developer has decided to put in multiple zoom levels even though the game uses iron sights. You can modify your zoom level to one time and all the way to two time zoom. This will allow you to get slightly more accurate shots.


First new and cool change is the Battlepacks System. This is how you get special melee weapons and custom weapon skins. Basically, there’s three different types of Battlepacks. If you simply complete a round of Battlefield 1 multiplayer, you’ll get a basic level Battlepack. At higher level Battlepacks you will get a guaranteed Legendary or Distinguished Skin. Enhanced and Superior Battlepacks can be earned with Scraps. So, how do you earn scraps? Well, just break down duplicate stuff. Legendary melee weapons are going to be much harder to achieve. Because you will need to assemble them using puzzle pieces.

Pre-order bonus

This includes Lawrence of Arabia SML-E and a Hellfighter Trench Shotgun. Basically, these guns aren’t going to be different in damage and other stats from other guns. They only make you look cooler out in the battlefield.

Community Missions

DICE will be offering Community Missions to unlock specific weapon skins in the game. For example, if you get a 100 kills with the M9, you will unlock a custom 1911 skin in the game. This is only available for a limited time.

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