We’ll show you how to take down tanks and other heavily armored vehicle in our Battlefield 1 Tank Guide. Vehicles have always been a key to success in every Battlefield game. That’s why it is always important to destroy the enemy’s vehicles whenever you can. Taking out tanks, airplanes and other vehicles can turn the tide for your team pretty quickly. Furthermore, Battlefield 1 has some specific tools for you to do just that.

battlefield 1 tank guide
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Battlefield 1 Tank Guide – Here’s how to effectively destroy enemy armor

Tanks maybe powerful, deadly and imposing, but they’re also pretty slow. The main anti-vehicle class is Assault. You have dynamites, the AT rocket gun, anti-tank mine and a heavy anti-tank grenade. Each one operates slightly differently.

Dynamites require you to get up close. So, there will be a risk of getting killed. However, you can anticipate the tank movement and position from behind cover and throw the dynamite accordingly. The anti-tank mine requires you to place them ins smart locations. These are places from where the tank will go.

The best weapon to take out the tank is AT Rocket gun. Fire a shoot and then move behind cover to reload. Then jump back out there again to fire another shot. You need to know when to attack and when to stay hidden. Being in an area with lots of buildings will give you the advantage. Also, working with your team and combining a simultaneous attack will go a long way into defeating enemy armor.

Have one of your teammates disable a tank with anti-tank grenades/ dynamite. Then you can move in and take a shot at it with your AT Rocket Gun.

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