Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode is nifty. When spectating in table top you get an overview of the entire map. You can easily see flags, players and free cam views. If you want to switch to the perspective of any player, all you have to do is highlight and click on the player. Table top is a great way to see the bigger picture of what’s going on. You an spectate anyone on the map in first person or with the camera hanging behind their body. All in all, it’s incredibly improved from the previous Battlefield spectator mode.

battlefield 1 spectator mode
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Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode – Here’s what YouTuber Berduu has to say

“I’m very excited to see the Spectator Mode being implemented in Battlefield 1 for all users. For the first time in franchise history, console players can join in on the PC fun and create cool cinematic videos and screenshots.

To start capturing your own cinematic shots, just join a match as Spectator. Once in-game, you can follow individual soldiers and vehicles using the Director Camera. In this mode, the camera will be locked on to the player’s movement, but you still have total control over its positioning. Explore the camera options to change its behavior.

To really express yourself, I’d recommend trying out the Free Camera. You can set up multiple free cameras around the map, and adjust settings for each individually. At any given time, you can switch over to the free camera of your choice and have total control over it. If needed, adjust the sensitivity and speed to your liking from the camera options.

For a nice cinematic look, play around with the field of view (FOV) and depth of field (DOF) options. For example, a low FOV value of 30 is a good choice for close-up action shots. By adjusting the DOF values, you can control the camera blur and the focus point of your shot.

You can also enable various filters to spice up your footage. Try adjusting the filter strength – for example choose the Noir filter with 30% strength to get a less saturated, film-like look on a map like Sinai Desert.

When you’re good to go, hide the HUD and film away!”

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