We’ll be covering the scout class in our Battlefield 1 Sniper Guide. There are numerous tips and tricks you need to know about to play good as Scout. Firstly, you need to know about weapons. The most effective weapon for different situations is decided on the basis of stats.

battlefield 1 sniper guide
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Battlefield 1 Sniper Guide

Damage drop off and rate of fire are two important statistics you need to keep in mind while choosing the Sniper rifle. Battlefield 1 uses a Sweet Spot system. Each weapon has a sweet spot where a bullet fired from it will do the most damage. Sweet spot is the distance between you and the point along the line of fire where the bullet will do maximum damage. Each gun has its own sweet spot and sweet spot damage. The Sweet Spot could be early or very late. For sniper rifles it is mostly in between.

The shortest sweet spot rifle is the SMLE. It has a Sweet Spot of 40 meters. Any hit on that distance is a one hit kill. The Russian 1895 has a Sweet Spot at around 60 meters. Some rifles have a very qick damage drop off right after their Sweet Spot. This includes the Russian 1895 and variants of others as well. Once again, the stats table is your best friend. Always look at it before deploying with your loadout.

For close ranged combat we recommend the SMLE because it has the most close-ranged Sweet Spot. If you want to engage at mid-range,Russian 1895 and G98 are your best friends. Finally, for long range, use the one and only M1903.

An interesting tool to look out for is the Sniper Shield. Deploy it anywhere and then snipe at leisure while protected from incoming shots from your front. It’s kind of like a mini bunker with the sides removed. Most players prefer to camp with it in a corner. Decoy heads are also another cool addition but very few people are actually fooled by it.

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