We’ve known for some time that the main Battlefield 1 DLC will carry with it four new maps and another group, the French Army. Besides, now, DICE has quite recently revealed more data with respect to the content that will be made accessible. The new maps will have players battling difficult objectives towards Verdun’s fortifications. They will have the capacity to take an interest in the contention’s greatest tank fight and battle inside a stronghold. The St. Chamond Assault Tank Gun will join the vehicle list. Then again, the Char 2C tank is another behemoth that’ll be prepared to tear through any fragile living creature and protective layer alike.

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Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC details revealed

Another game mode, Frontlines, will bring a blend of Conquest and Rush. This is where the two sides will attempt to catch one banner at once. After one side has pushed past the adversary HQ, they will be required to assault the transmit stations. Then again, the opposite side guards them. Another Elite Class joins the shred, as the Trench Raider conveys his club and explosives to the blend. Last, but not the least, another stationary weapon, in the state of a Siege Howitzer, will be usable.

Like a Field Gun, the Siege Howitzer can be worked by an infantry player. This new stationary weapon is worked through circuitous pointing/ discharging in an indistinguishable vein from mortars and ordnance in vehicles.

Source: DICE


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