A change to the way custom servers are deployed in Battlefield 1 is getting everyone talking. Is it a good change, or a bad change? Well, mostly bad but now we have DICE finally responding to a lot of player complaints.

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DICE responds to Battlefield 1 custom server issues

“This setup gave PC server admins a large amount of control on the game server but often at the cost of the overall player experience. The console server admins had very little control, but the player experience was very similar to playing on official servers. We all remember how as a player you would end up on a server that did not allow certainly gameplay elements and you would be kicked or banned immediately by accidentally using one of the restricted items!”

The freedom to customize server settings should be severely limited. Fast vehicle respawn, for example, completely DESTROYS the game. They should allow people to do such changes on their servers but if they do so, it must be set to “unranked”. If you want to play ranked, do so with DICE’s preset. Period. But some things like being able to kick offensive players is even more important. Custom servers like 3000 tickets should read as custom server.

Plenty of people prefer Official because you know what you’re getting for rules and won’t be banned for going on a killstreak, killing an admin, or getting in a reserved vehicle that you have no idea is reserved. If a server doesn’t suit you, don’t join it, and players on this server will still have fun, while you do too on another server, this is called Freedom. And removing freedom is never a good thing, especially in a game.

Look at the standard conquest in BF1, everyone hated it, so they patched in the beta, to make games longer. What if 30% of the community wants even longer matches, 30% want shorter matches, and 30% like it the way it is? Where is the issue in letting people rule their servers?


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