DICE has now released the roadmap for their popular game Battlefield 1. If you were waiting for the news or have played the game, here are all the details that you might want to know. The developer calls the roadmap a “revolution” as it brings some of the major features and changes to the game franchise.

Premium Trials is a thing now and it takes the Premium Friends feature a step forward. Premium Friends, however, didn’t prove to be successful for the developer, that’s the reason it is now betting on the new Premium Trials. The Premium Friends will remain available until Gamescom that will be held next month in Germany.

DICE has made it easier for the Battlefield 1 players who don’t have the Premium Pass to access the Premium Maps that were otherwise available only for selected players. The Premium Trials will allow the users to access the premium maps and play the game without having to get a Premium Pass first, according to the company.

The first maps that will be made available as part of the Premium Trials are Prise de Tahure and Nivelle Nights. The official blog of the company also reveals that four other maps from the “They Shall Not Pass DLC” will also be made available along with the two mentioned above.

Not only this, DICE will hold another Premium Trials event after this first one and it would happen before the Gamescom. That means the two months would bring a lot to the Battlefield 1 players. Then in September, the third Premium Trials event will take place and the players will also be able to play the expansion pack maps that were released earlier.

“In the Name of the Tsar” DLC will be made available in September, as mentioned in the roadmap. Besides this, the roadmap also talks about the third expansion pack called Turning Tides that will include land and air battles like the game usually does, and naval battles will be included with it.



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