Everything you need to know about the Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro upgrade. Extra resolution, improved effects and faster performance. But is it enough to convince you to buy a PS4 Pro to play Battlefield 1? We give our verdict.

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How does Battlefield 1 fare on the PS4 Pro?

DICE has not released a “proper” PS4 Pro patch for Battlefield 1 or made an official statement about it. People are imaginative when it comes to comparisons. Let us tell you this: Battlefield 1 does not have the clarity (i.e. resolution) of Titanfall 2, Uncharted 4, Ratched and Clank, Tomb Raider or Infinite Warfare. It is AT MOST 1080p, which is a shame because this was the shooter people loved the most. How hard could it be to implement a PC like 1440p resolution on it for DICE really? Even the small team at Respawn managed to do it. We are not talking about checkerboard rendering which takes some time (though the team at Infinity Ward did it with their COD). Very interesting and no one seems to know why DICE does not talk about it.

It should be dynamic resolution only. Checkerboarding would allow for higher resolutions like 1800p but it requires some effort and currently very few titles do it. Another technique they could use is geometry rendering. Geometry rendering is a simpler form of ultra HD rendering that allows developers to create a ‘pseudo-4K’ image, in very basic terms. 1080p rendered targets are generated with depth values equivalent to a full 4K buffer, plus each pixel also has full ID buffer data. The end result is that via a post-process, a 1080p setup of these ‘exotic’ pixels can be extrapolated into a 4K image with support for alpha elements such as foliage and storm fences (albeit at an extra cost). On pixel-counting, it would resolve as a native 4K image, with ‘missing’ data extrapolated out using color propagation from data taken from the ID buffer. However, there is a profound limitation.


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