Custom servers is a really hot topic in the Battlefield 1 PC community. For Battlefield 1 PC Ranked Servers, the admins will have less control while renting it and will not be able to use an external program like rcon and procon. Take it with a pinch of salt though because nothing is officially confirmed yet. The leaked info was first seen on Reddit but, regardless of being rumored, it started waves in the Battlefield 1 PC community.

battlefield 1 pc ranked servers
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Battlefield 1 PC Ranked Servers – The positive and negative

Currently on PC Battlefield 1 admins have full control of their servers. They can set the player count, decrease spawn time for vehicles, ban certain weapons or gadgets and they could implement auto-team balances using third party scripts. They can also not allow certain players in the server if they have a certain K/D ratio.

If people are renting their own server, they expect a reasonable amount of control on it. It’s also great for building up a community around an adjusted ranked preset. Some people like playing 3000 tickets in Operation Lockdown for an hour. In certain events, game values are stretched to an extreme with VIP and Zombie game modes.

However, if the rumors are true then it means that stuff won’t be possible in Battlefield 1. It can now be difficult to, for example, run a server that mixes Conquest and Rush. With Rush now limited to 24 players, it will be impossible to rotate between Rush and Conquest in the same server because you won’t be able to set the player limit to be equal for both game modes.

Ranked Servers won’t allow admins to ban or kick players

DICE better have a flawless anti-cheat program in place. People aren’t just banned for cheating but for also trolling and annoying other players, so taking away admin freedom to ban such people will hurt the PC community.

There are some positive things to come out of this, though. If certain players are unable to get into official DICE servers for the game, they can jump into the Battlefield 1 PC Ranked Servers without feeling annoyed with all the restrictions admins of those servers put on them.

Let us know what you think of the Battlefield 1 PC Ranked Servers revelation so far. It’s only rumored with a screenshot posted. There is no confirmation from DICE but we will keep you updated if the company does respond.


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