We’ll be going over all the Battlefield 1 maps and game modes revealed so far by EA. Conquest and Rush will be getting a complete overhaul as well after EA considers feedback from players in the Beta. Furthermore, all the game modes have been revealed as well.

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Battlefield 1 Maps – Fao Fortress

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“Join one of the earliest amphibious landings of the Great War as the British Empire struggles to secure the oil on the Al-Faw Peninsula. The majestic Ottoman fortress of Fao guards the entrance and is not falling uncontested. Here you will fight through marshlands and dunes, over bridges and shallow coves.”

The Dreadnought will be the Behemoth for this map. It will be very cool assaulting the fortress with semi-modern weapons.


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“Even though it was considered impossible, the Ottomans crossed the desert of Sinai and threatened the canal. Join the fight by the banks of the grand canal and make tactical use of the dunes.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Dreadnought was also the Behemoth in this map. If you want to know the historical context for this map, watch the film “Lawrence of Arabia”.

Ballroom Blitz

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“Here, fierce fighting in trench lines is quickly replaced by the untouched beauty beyond hell. A massive French chateau, previously home to officers beyond the rear lines, is now the scene for a battle with both tanks and flamethrowers.”

We’re certainly looking forward to play this map given how beautiful and majestic it appears. It has its own aesthetic appeal amidst all the fighting and bloodshed. The screenshot for the map reminds us of Titanic and how the nobles preferred to drown in rooms like these, still holding all to their wealth while chaos ensued in the background.

Argonne Forest

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“The world inside this forest features devious defensive setups combined with a labyrinth of bunkers and machine gun nests. Camouflaged field guns firing at point blank range, Stormtroopers clearing out bunkers with gas, and the best use of sharpened spades will determine who owns the depths of this forest.”

This is our most anticipated map. Given the improved technology of the Frostbite engine, we just can’t wait to dive into the jungle. The Behemoth here will most likely be the Armored Train again.

You can look at the rest of the maps and their description on the official EA website for Battlefield 1. We decided to discuss only a few here which we think will be really good and exciting to play on.

Battlefield 1 game modes – War Pigeons

Opposing sides will use pigeons to coordinate artillery barrage. When the game starts, a pigeon with a message is placed somewhere on the map. You need to locate the pigeon before the enemy and carry it to a safe position out in the open. There you prepare a message and send off the pigeon with it, requesting artillery support. Based on data mining leaks, this will probably a smaller game mode that will be infantry-focused.


The EA developers blog from a few days mentioned important changes coming to the Conquest game mode. They didn’t mention a return to the classic Conquest mode. There is no mention of ticket-bleeding if you have more flags than the enemy. The new mode will be a hybrid of what we saw in the Beta and the previous Conquest mode.


The developer response to Rush game mode was fairly vague. It’s particularly because that conquest mode is a bit complicated. Balancing each MCOM to make it play more appropriately is a really hard thing to do. However, we do hope the player count is increased from 24 to some other higher number.

Let us know what you think of the Battlefield 1 New Maps and Game Modes Revealed by EA.


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