Battlefield 1 now has Revision 3 battlepacks available. These include a variety of new weapon camo / skins for guns, including some that had no available camouflage options. Battlefield 1 developers also announced Battlefest coming up on November 16th. The event will feature a Battlefield 1 Livestream, special log-in rewards, and a unique battlepack revision.

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What’s been going on recently in the realm of Battlefield 1

New weapon skins include those for Legendary and Rare. Blue Devil – M1907 SL, Dane – Madsen MG Low Weight, and Habsburg – Repetierpistole 1912 are some of the Legendary guns to get the update. On the other hand, Marine – M1903 (Pedersen), Spion Kop – C93 and Izonso – Automatico M1918 Factory are some of the rare weapons to get the updated skins.

Suez will see major changes in an upcoming update. Plans involve increasing the capture points from three to five, and adding an armored vehicle to each team’s base, with the idea being that players can break out of being fully dominated to capture points.

DICE also teased some info on the upcoming Hardcore game more and the newly-announced mode, Fog of War. Both modes are expected to have an extremely limited HUD, which means you will need to ID enemies by uniforms and in-game voices. Challenging.

Lastly, DICE confirmed the next update for Battlefield 1 will come sometime this month, and it will be big, including rent-a-server, Fog of War, and more. Fog of war seems cool but they shouldn’t even add anything until all the unacceptable bugs get fixed. Like, after you get revived and try to shoot someone, your soldier just aggressively holds the gun instead of shooting. Probably one of the most important times to shoot a gun in the game and it’s broken.

DICE also said they may add an entirely aircraft based game mode, like the one in battlefront. We think it would be quite fun and interesting fighting in huge airplane battles and maybe even the airship could come in.