The sequel to Battlefield 1 will come in 2018. Well, it was pretty obvious that we’d have to live with Battlefield 1 for at least 2 years. Given how DICE and EA both confirmed the non-availability of even Battlefront 2 next year, a new Battlefield game is unlikely to happen either. Regardless, here is our wishlist of what we want from the next Battlefield game once it releases a year later.

battlefield 1
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Battlefield 1 will get a sequel after more than a year and we hope it makes some improvements

Gun customization. We’d rather have 1 or 2 variants per gun and be able to fully customize them. Also, so far, we’ve counted between 10 and 15 different attachments. So, there’d be quite a lot of options. Soldier customization. Different kinds of helmets, boots, gloves, selecting summer-style and winter-style, anything.

At least 2 free maps per year. BF4 had 3 in almost 3 years, and that just sucks. You have to offer a solid alternative for the people who don’t buy the DLCs. Changes in the battle pack system. Make it similar to the BF4 one. That one worked just fine, no need to change it. We’d love to see something like a “Hardcore TDM/domination” mode set in the trench parts of the maps. 24 players, no HUD, more damage (maybe not 200%, more like 125%-150%) it would be nice to see how that would compare to the other big WW1 game, Verdun.

Make the four maps on each DLC to have two 2-map operations, or maybe just one big 4-map one. Unlock some of the stuff we see in the campaign but we can’t use in the MP, like infantry M1903, short-magazine M1907, silenced pistols and some other guns and features.


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