Well would you take a look at this cute little pistol. Not only is it small but it does surprisingly well against most infantry. This marvelous miniature is based on a real-life gun called the Kolibri. The animation that plays out when you first equip it is so cool. Since the gun doesn’t even fit your entire hand, the animation shows you loading it with your two fingers instead. So how do you get one? Well, we’ll show you how in our Battlefield 1 Kolibri Guide.

battlefield 1 kolibri guide
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Battlefield 1 Kolibri Guide – Here’s how to get this pistol

It’s very simple. All you need to do is reach Rank 10 in multiplayer. Doing that will unlock the option to purchase the Kolibri from the multiplayer’s load-out menu. You’ll find it in the side-arm section. It’ll set you back by 150 war bonds. However, keep in mind that it is by far the weakest weapon in the game.

The gun is an easter egg, and the weapon is largely useless, apart from its novelty value. It’s a replica of a real world gun, whose production was abandoned since it was as useful as its in-game counterpart.

The gun will only do 4 points of damage per bullet. As you can see, the baby pistol is hilarious, and so are the animations when using it. The Kolibri 2mm is a real world weapon designed in the early 20th century by an Austrian watchmaker. It was marketed as a self-defense weapon. But test quickly showed it wasn’t up to the task. The gun was impresice, weak and fiddly. It is an amazing thing to see, though.

It is because of this that the Kolibri will more than likely become a favorite weapon for people looking for a badge of honor or perhaps for those who enjoy trolling others.

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