Let’s take a look at Battlefield 1 battlepacks, scraps & warbonds. What do they do, how do they work, how do you get them and how to get them fast. Now getting battlepacks in Battlefield 1 is really a process, but it’s a fun process that makes you want to play the game more. Now normally you get Battlepacks by staying till the end of the game, it doesn’t matter if you lose or win the match, it’s based on an algorithm and it is completely random, but we’d say you’ll get at least 1 battlepack per three games you’re going to play.

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How to get more battlepacks and scraps in Battlefield 1

To get them fast, play domination. You’ll be playing the match for at least 10 mins and let’s say you play 3 matches, you’re most likely going to get one battlepack. If you play something like operations or conquest, 1 game lasts almost half an hour and you are not guaranteed to get a battlepack, so we had more luck getting battlepacks faster by playing domination. And battlepack only give you cool gun camos and nothing too op. The only way to get them, like we said earlier, is by staying till the end of the match and also by using your in-game currency called scraps.

To get scraps basically you need to scrap the camo you want to scrap by opening up a battlepack. So you get a battlepack, you open it and scrap it to get points and once you get enough you can get enhanced and superior battlepacks which give you more luck in terms of getting better camos. And you get the normal battlepack by the end of the match and sometimes you get duplicate skins when you open it up. So, make sure to always scrap them and also you can go to your inventory and scrap them anytime you want. The superior battlepack gives you more chance of getting better stuff and it can give you puzzle pieces as well.

What about warbonds?

Now warbonds are another in-game currency with which you can buy stuff like guns, variants, secondaries, equipment, grenades, melee weapons and stuff like that. And to get warbonds you simply have to rank up. Everytime you rank up, you’re going to get warbonds, so you don’t have to do anything special. Just rank up and you’ll be getting warbonds. Anyways, we hope this Battlefield 1 guide was helpful.


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