Battlefield 1 beta Sinai Desert map is the only map playable in the multiplayer beta at the moment but people enjoy it immensely. There are, at maximum, more than 900,000 players recorded simultaneously across all platforms on which the beta was available. Well, MobiPicker got a chance to play the new Battlefield 1 beta Sinai Desert map recently and we were delighted to see some of the changes. However, to be fair there were problems too and we want to address those too in this article. Obviously, most of you reading this won’t agree with all the points we have to make. So, let us know in the comment section what you think is good and bad about the Battlefield 1 beta Sinai map so far.

battlefield 1 beta sinai desert map
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Battlefield 1 Beta Sinai Desert Map – The Good

We’re gonna kick it off with a list of things we really enjoyed in the game and the Sinai map, to be specific.

1. Horse Animation is amazing

Getting true-to-life animation of animals into a game is very difficult. So, we were amazed to see how realistic and smooth the horse animations were in DICE’s new shooter. Riding these horses is very fund and easy. Part of the fun comes from charging at enemy players and slashing them with your sword. You also have a rifle with you which is very accurate. Only thing else DICE can add to make the horse-riding experience even better is decapitation.

2. The Gun play is satisfying

People weren’t so optimistic of the gun play being satisfying but, once the beta rolled in, they were proven wrong. All the guns have a satisfying sound and feel when you’re shooting, reloading or even just running around with them. The realistic and smooth weapon animations lend this game the realism which is rare in other shooters. If you’re not a newcomer and are coming from a background where you played all the previous Battlefield games then it will take some getting used to but you will be quickly won over, like us. The sniper gun are especially satisfying. The sound of the gun firing followed by a hit marker and then followed by you reloading the rifle for the next round is perhaps one of the most satisfying experience this game has to offer in terms of gun play.

3. You now have actual dogfights – none of that auto lock crap!

Yes, none of that auto lock crap where you just have to keep your airplane cursor on the enemy long enough to have a lock-on. Not that it was fast, it just didn’t make fights between airplanes interesting. Now you have airplanes chasing each other all over the map with a rear gunner returning fire to the plane behind you as you fly around the map. Those who have seen James Franco’s Flyboys know what we’re talking about.

battlefield 1 beta sinai desert map

4. Proper map destruction

DICE has ditched the Leveloution of Battlefield 4 for small-scale destruction and the occasional game-changing events like sandstorms in the Sinai Desert map or the zeppelin crash in the St. Quentin Scar. These events don’t change the map too much. So, essential areas of cover and movement will still be there afterwards. The small-scale destruction was also carefully implemented keeping that in mind.

5. The game has more of an analogue feel

By that we mean there are semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles and no fully automatic guns found in multiplayer shooters like Call of Duty and the previous Battlefield games. This is refreshing and forces player to change their strategy. Gameplay is much more tactical and players have to make sure they line up their shot perfectly before pulling the trigger unlike before where they would mostly hold the trigger and hope the other guy gets hit. There are some automatic guns in the game, like the mini-gun which specialists use and the flamethrower (a constant barrage of fire counts as a constant barrage of bullet, no?) but they are reserved for specialist class and so, overall, the game will require you to be more precise and careful in your shooting.

Battlefield 1 Beta Sinai Desert Map – The Bad

The entire picture isn’t rosy, though. There are much-needed improvements to be made to the game. Here are some we think DICE should address in later updates to the game.

1. Legacy bugs

This should be a no-brainer to anyone playing the beta. There have been many times when players get stuck in terrain. Bodies and animations whack out. Being unable to vault sometime and getting killed while trying to escape via vaulting through a window. Frostbite engine has its shares of annoying glitches which desperately need to be addressed.

battlefield 1 beta sinai desert map
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2. More cover for Sinai Desert Map

This is a complain from a lot of people. The empty spaces are ripe for snipers to choose and pick their targets. It’s very easy to be killed by snipers and the sandstorms are rare so that means you will be facing the almost impossible task to cross the desert most of the time. And it can get downright annoying if you don’t have a vehicle or horse. Crossing a map to get from one point to another is a chore. There needs to be an adequate cover to give a fair advantage to those wanting to cross the desert.

3. E Flag capture radius needs to get bigger

A flag is located all the way in the corner of the map, away from all the action. If you are on foot and want to capture E, chances are you will be sniped or run over by a tank on your way there. However, if you have access to an airplane, you can fly there but the capture radius is small so the plane has to stick dangerously close to the ground and move in loops while the flag is captured. This is really hard to do and becomes even more dangerous when an enemy plane targets you and prevents your flag capturing attempt.

4. New Conquest scoring system needs to go!

DICE shouldn’t have changed the old conquest system. That system was essential to the Battlefield experience, capturing the majority of the flags and then watching the enemy team bleed tickets rapidly as their members are picked off one by one was a satisfying.

5. Horse hit boxes are too large

Did we mention how big the horse hit boxes are? They are massive. At times you are nowhere even close to a horse and still die when it runs by you a few inches away. It’s definitely unfair and needs to be fixed.

6. Bayonet charge needs to be configured to a separate key

You want to melee someone in close quarters. However, you end up running around the room or corridor and make a fool of yourself. It is highly recommended the game have melee and bayonet charge separate to avoid the confusion.

What do you think of the Battlefield 1 beta Sinai Desert Map so far? Do you like the new gameplay elements introduced by DICE in this installment of the series? Let us know in the comments. We’ll keep you updated with more Battlefield 1 beta Sinai Desert map news and updates, stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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