So you’re playing Battlefield 1 Beat Sinai Desert map and want to cross the desert to flag E on your own. You don’t have any vehicle nor any plane so you decide to make a run for it across the vast open desert terrain. You’re just a few steps into the sand and get sniped by some lonely wanker camping in the hills far-off. Now you spawn all over back to B and have to make your way back into the action. But you can’t even do tat because the moment you spawn somebody on horseback charges you from behind and decapitates you. You bang and break your keyboard and vow to never play the game again. Losing can be annoying.

So, we at MobiPicker have come up with this Battlefield 1 Beta Sinai Desert Map Guide to help you dominate your foes and look like an absolute badass with the highest KD ration at the end of the match. Here are some tips for battlefield 1 beta Sinai desert map guide.

battlefield 1 beta sinai desert map guide
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Battlefield 1 Beta Sinai Map Guide for Using the Armored Train – Choo Choo!

The train will come in during the game when one team is losing badly enough. If the other team has all the flags or if the opposing team is losing by a huge margin, the train will show up. Just pay attention to your spawn screen and click on the train icon to spawn inside the train. There are six seats in total, including the driver.

Use the Armored Train to capture the flags

As the driver, you can move the train forward and backward along the track. So, you can control where the train is going to be at any given time. You pass through flags with your train so you can stop the train near a flag to capture it. As a driver, you can use artillery fire to strike your enemies. It will take some getting used to because of the visual view finder on your map. However, you can clearly see on your mini-map where the artillery shell will land so you will have a pretty good idea of where to fire and in what direction.

Firing is more accurate when you’re stationary. Slow down near or a few meters from a flag to fire artillery at the enemy forces occupying the flag to force them out. If you’re really lucky you can align your shot to even take out air planes.

Other weapons on the train include the cannon and the anti-air guns. Have your team mates use the light machine guns on the side to kill enemies around a flag while you have the train stopped within a flag’s cap radius.

However, remember that once you stop the train you become sitting ducks for tanks and airplanes so it is better to be on the run as often as you could. Mines are especially dangerous for the train as well as airplanes that can strike you from above.

Major Tips for Infantry Players

If you’re an infantry player there are a number of flags you should ideally float between: The antenna on the C flag on the top of the map, the train station at D and the outskirts flag at B. These are your best bet to go in between as an infantry player. In between you and those flags there’s a village area which has a lot of buildings for close quarters so SMGs on Assault players can do a lot of damage.

There are snipers everywhere on this map. Over towards B there are multiple sniper spots near the rocks. So, even heading over to B can be dangerous. Use the sand dunes and rock as cover and keep out of sniper line of sight as best as you can. If the dust storm comes in you can use the horses to sneak behind enemy cover without being seen.

Learn the Spawn location of elite classes

They spawn at three of the flags. The tank hunter is over at E. Flame trooper spawns at B. Sentry spawns over at F. Once they’ve been used and the player has been killed they spawn after a few minutes so hang around these locations to make use of them again.

battlefield 1 beta sinai desert map guide
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Battlefield 1 Beta Sinai Desert Map Guide – Tips for Snipers

You’ve got a wealth of positions to choose from. Over at F there are some rock cliffs you can get on top of and have a good look out towards the middle of the map. This point is also perfect for the Rush game mode. Climb on top of the rocks and you’ll have a perfect view of the M-Comms.

Over towards the B flag near the rocks there’s a good view of the train station and the middle of the map and you can pick off targets as they try to cross the desert.

Battlefield 1 Beta Sinai Map Guide – Use vehicles whenever possible

You don’t want to be running through the open desert with all the snipers keeping a lookout. Use horses too but keep in mind you will be more vulnerable on horseback. Horse collider box is so large that you can probably just charge at an enemy on horseback and run them down.

If you need to reload your rifle on horseback, remember to stop sprinting. If you come up against a horse you might be tempted to shoot the horse. Don’t do that. Horses have as many hit points as vehicles so yourbest bet is to shoot the rider.

Battlefield 1 Beta Sinai Map Guide – Use artillery and artillery trucks a lot!

Artillery truck are mostly unused. People forget that it has an anti air rocket that can be used to take down airplanes. Artillery is the best tool at your disposal when playing artillery. Run up to an objective and hold use on it to use artillery. It will detect enemy positions and send out a massive barrage of fire.

Was this Battlefield 1 Beta Sinai Desert Map guide helpful? Let us know in the comments. We’ll keep you updated with more battlefield 1 beta sinai desert map guide and other stuff.


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