So we decided to write another guide on Battlefield 1, this time, we have compiled a list of everything you need to know about the Battlefield 1 Beta Scout class. There are three different types of snipers available to the Scout and each has two options for a scope. All snipers at the moment have the same round per minute, however, they all perform differently at different ranges. We will give you our analysis of each sniper rifle available to the player and how and when to use them.

battlefield 1 beta scout
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Always look at the graph for each gun on the customize screen

The graph shows the bullet damage and bullet drop of each rifle. On the damage drop line, you’ll see a big bump. This is called the Sniper’s Sweet Spot, meaning that if you hit an enemy at that range it will do the most damage and potentially bring the enemy down in one hit.

battlefield 1 beta scout
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Russian 1895

It’s medium range. Use the MA scope. The MA scope is roughly similar to the 6x scope from Battlefield 4. The other option is the TR which removes the scope and increases the RPM significantly. This makes the Russian sniper with the fastest RPM in the game. You can also access the iron sights with a scoped sniper rifle.

Guea 98 (Highly recommended for any scout)

This one has the longest range sweet spot of any of the sniper rifles. It has the least bullet drop as well, which means it maintains its velocity a lot over the range. In Battlefield 1, snipers don’t only have bullet drop and bullet velocity, they also lose bullet velocity over the range. You can use the SH scope on it which is similar to an ACOG or a 4x scope like in Battlefield 4. You can steady the SH scope.

We recommend you reload after completing a whole clip instead of reloading half way because then you will instantly put in five bullets instead of placing each bullet at a time when you reload before completing the magazine.

Mark 3

This is for close range. It has the closest range for a sweet spot and also is the only rifle to have 10 rounds per clip. You can use the SA scope on it as well as a basic scope similar to an iron sight. Because of ten rounds per clip we highly recommend it in close quarters as you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of bullets quickly.

Battlefield 1 Beta Scout recommended pistol – P08

If you compare the pistol the M1911, it has a better damage drop off and more bullets per clip. Pistols are very effective at close range. It takes around 4 or 5 shots to kill an enemy. You can also use it with a sniper rifle. Hit one with your sniper and then quickly take out the pistol to finish him off. You don’t even need to aim for the head when you are using a sniper at close range. Hit the enemy in the chest (it will do around 80 to 90 percent damage) and then take out the pistol to finish him off in one shot.

Gadget guide

Flare – Use the flare gun for spotting. Just fire the flare gun and it will reveal any enemies in your immediate vicinity by showing them on the mini-map.

K-bullets – They are the anti-vehicle element of the game. They do considerably more damage to vehicles.

Grenades – You have the gas grenades which expose enemy players to poisonous gas. The mini anti-tank grenade can be used against vehicles. We highly recommend for our battlefield 1 beta scout that you combine this with the K-bullets for a deadly combination.

Melee weapons

Each melee weapon has its own stats, including an “extra” row. If you attack your enemy from behind it will kill them instantly after performing a short brutal animation

Every Rifle has a Bayonet

You can perform a bayonet charge by sprinting and hitting the melee key. Once a bayonet charge has been initiated, you cannot stop until you hit an enemy or some obstacle or if you simply run out of energy.

We hope this Battlefield 1 Beta Scout guide was useful. You can check out our other stuff on Battlefield 1 here.


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