In this guide of Battlefield 1, we’ll talk about the Medic class in the Battlefield 1 beta. We’ll give you a run down of the guns that we personally like and consider using the most when playing as medic. This guide is only for Sinai Desert map since that is the only map available in the beta at the moment. Here’s our Battlefield 1 beta Medic guide.

battlefield 1 beta medic guide
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Our favorite weapon for Battlefield 1 Beta Medic guide – M-1907 Automatic

It is a fully automatic medic weapon but it shoots very slowly. It doesn’t do very much damage at range. It’s a hybrid between a DMR style weapon and a fully automatic SMG. If you want to be more effective in close quarters then you will have to use semi-automatic rifles and this is the gun to pick. It’s really good at close to medium range. However, it’s not going to out damage SMG or traditional DMR style weapons at further ranges. So, you have a very specific damage range at which this gun is at its best.

Use the Q button instead of Space bar (for PC)

If you want to get revived more in this game when you die there’s a little Q button that will allow you to actually call for a medic as opposed to respawning faster. In fact, respawning using the Spacebar doesn’t let you get back in the game faster, it only takes you back to the spawn map a bit faster but the time till respawn is still the same. So, if you really want a medic to revive you faster just hold Q instead of holding Spacebar to die.

How to rank up the Medic class faster to use the higher class weapons

There’s a bug in the beat right now where it doesn’t rank up your class beyond the first rank that you had in the server. So, in order to rank up faster, you will have to leave the server after every game and join back in again or enter a new server. You can go to and look at your Careers tab and you can buy some weapons there using your war bonds and it’s not restricted based on your class level.

Don’t spam fire the medic guns

The easiest way to correlate it to Battlefield 4 is like saying you’re playing the Assault class except you can only use DMRs and that your grenade launcher isn’t that good. Medic guns are fun to use but they do come with some caveats and one of those is when you spam fire them and fire them quickly. That’s when they lose accuracy. This doesn’t also help you in close quarters because a lot of your shots will deviate randomly and hit objects other than the intended target.

Don’t use hip fire with medic guns

For our Battlefield 1 Beta Medic guide, we advise you don’t fire from the hip. Basically, if you’re using some of the semi-automatic medic guns you really don’t want to be hip-firing them even when you think the enemy is absurdly close to you. This is because the hip fire spread is absolutely insane. DMRs in Battlefield 1 are very different from the DMRs in Battlefield 1. These guns require more finesse and a slower rate of fire.

Only the Scout weapons haven’t been nerfed while every other gun has been made under-powered

This could be a design choice to make players use more bolt-action rifles which is a more accurate representation of World War 1. We would recommend the M-1916 DMR weapon with the scope. If you enjoy the slower rate of fire but more accurate shooting, then this rifle is for you. This rifle can usually down people in 3 shots at range

How to effectively use Medic gadgets

Keep a medic crate next to you if your play style is more stationary. If you like to hole up in buildings and get on top of rooftops, always keep a medic crate close by. However, if you like to be on the move with an automatic rifle and want to push the objective, then you might want to stick with the usual medic packs. We have some issues with the medic crate. For example, at times we were unable to place it while prone even though there was ample space to place it. So, it’s generally difficult to find a good spot to place crates.

You can also use a rifle powered grenade

This can be a high explosive grenade for dealing more damage to vehicles. It could be a frag grenade for taking down infantry. Also, it can be a smoke grenade for tactically pushing the objective. We highly recommend the smoke grenade. It’ll provide cover to you as you move through open spaces while the smoke shields you from a sniper’s line of sight. You can use a standard frag grenade to deal some damage to infantry as well as vehicles and even airplanes.

Syringe isn’t as useful as we hoped

The syringe, or the defibrillator replacement, is not as useful as it should be. It could be that DICE plans to change the UI and make it so that speedy revive isn’t possible any more. In its current state we just weren’t having enough opportunities to revive teammates. To counter this we instead use rifle powered grenade as a replacement for the syringe. It’s very useful against infantry and vehicle.

Battlefield 1 Beta Medic guide, crucial tip – Don’t focus too much on reviving teammates

Since the ticket system has been replaced, reviving teammates will only bolster your team in numbers against the other team. So, focus on taking the objective instead of holding back and revving a teammate

We personally think that the Assault and Scout class are best to use right now because they are the ones that can do some really damage against vehicles. The medic class can revive teammates but it’s very hard to do right now in-game at the moment. given that the ticket system is no more in the game, it’s hard to argue that it is a crucial class as it used to be in the previous games. However, they are very useful in Rush where you need to keep the momentum going.

Let us know what you think of our Battlefield 1 Beta Medic Guide. You can check out our analysis of the new Sinai Desert map right here.


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