The trick to becoming a dangerous sniper in Battlefield 1 is knowing the location of the sweet spot for the gun you’re holding. Each gun has its own sweet spot that defines whether it will work well in close, medium or long range. If you’re having trouble coming up with the most optimum sniper rifle kit for Battlefield 1 then don’t worry because we have you covered.

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What sniper rifle to choose in Battlefield 1

It’s just better to learn the exact elevation required to shoot targets of certain sizes. Zeroeing at 150m for a target that is exactly 150m away is easy. Anything aside from the exact zero marks requires you to re-learn the required elevation for each zero. You’ll come to the point where you can pretty much headshot anyone standing still at any reasonable distance. If ever in doubt, use the marks on the left of the crosshair. These marks show the average height of a person at set distances. We believe they are set to 200, 300 and 400 meters.

Zeroing a scope actually means changing the angles of your scope to account for distance/bullet drop (vertically) and wind (horizontally). The problem is that the game makes it look like your scope doesn’t move when adjusting it (you would see your crosshairs going down as you increased the zero range). So you’d think your rifle is magically changing its range. In reality, if you were aiming directly at your target from very far away, without adjusting your sights, you’d have to aim above him to account for the bullet drop. Zeroing the scope essentially lowers the crosshairs back on his head.

SMLE MK3 is your go to rifle for close range. For medium range, we have the Martini Henry. And finally for long-range your best bet is the M1903. The rest of the kit pretty much depends on how you like to play sniper. If you like to relax in a corner of the map then make sure to get the sniper shields which protects you from forward shots. But if you are extremely mobile on the map then keep a flare gun with you to highlight nearby targets.


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