In this Battlefield 1 Behemoth Guide we talk about operating Behemoths in Battlefield 1. How to be most effective with them and keep them alive. It’s pretty rare for you to get the opportunity to control a Behemoth whether it’s the Airship, Dreadnought or Train. But once you get that opportunity you have to learn to use it effectively pretty quick or else it’s a wasted opportunity.

battlefield 1 behemoth guide
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Battlefield 1 Behemoth Guide – Dreadnought

This is the rarest Behemoth because it only appears on two of the nine maps. There are four seats on it. The driver’s seat lets you control its movement as well as use its powerful cannons. Seat number two gives you control of two more cannons. Finally, seat number 3 and 4 give you anti-air turrets. The anti-air turrets are the most important because this Behemoth will always be frequently attacked by air vehicles since it is located far off in the waters accessible easily by planes. You can also use this to take down the small ships that try to attack you. Keep a lookout for the Torpedo Bomber since that plane will do the most damage to you.


It’s very important or you to take out the anti-air guns. As the pilot, you can drop bombs on enemy positions in addition to maneuvering the ship. If you want to keep this thing in the air for the longest amount of time, go for the anti-air batteries. Just look for where the anti-air fire is coming from and then bomb those locations. This should be your first priority before you go for anything else. You’ll be getting fire from all types of units be it infantry or tanks. But the anti-air batteries will do the most damage so take them out first before PTFOing.

Armored Train

You can’t spawn directly on the train. So, to get the driver’s seat, spawn on foot at the location where you expect the train to arrive and then quickly run up to it and hold the activate button. The driver’s seat is the most important part of the Train. You can use it to stop and move the train on the tracks. Stop the train near objectives to allow you to capture it from the enemy team. Make sure to use the canons to fire at enemy locations. Watch out for bomb traps laid bare on the tracks, they can do a massive amount of damage. Another thing you need to keep a lookout for are the planes.

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