As of late, a veteran Battlefield 1 player reached Frag Hero. This is because he was restricted from Battlefield 1 on the PC. He was blamed for hacking. However, he guaranteed that he wasn’t swindling. And is only a better than the average player. There has been some contention of late about talented players being erroneously restricted by EA’s FairFight innovation.

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Battlefield 1 Is Banning Players Who Play Too Good

Renato has been playing Battlefield for a long time. Be that as it may, his streak finished unexpectedly, on last Friday, when he endeavored to sign onto a server to play a session of Team Deathmatch when he got a message that he was being kicked.

The long time gamer and Battlefield 1 aficionado took to Reddit to clarify his story. Furthermore, he also wanted to legitimize why he trusted he was wrongfully prohibited from the Battlefield 1 servers. “I’m a genuine player, I’m no YouTuber, I’m no redditor, I’m nobody. I’m only a typical player being blamed by EA” the post peruses.

Furthermore, Renato explained on how he attempted to contact EA Help to discover why he was prohibited. Sadly, the reaction from the distributor did not help much to disclose with respect to why he was restricted, because of dubiousness.

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