Battlefield 1 currently has a closed alpha going on, and busy players have already gotten around to datamining it for more information on what the full game will contain. Thanks to the datamining, we’ve learned that the full game will most likely have a campaign of 20 levels, divided into 6 chapters. One of the final missions will be the disaster at Gallipoli (via PCGamesN). The leak, found on Reddit, even details the names of the missions.

Battlefield 1

Interestingly, there will be new missions added to Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardlone, called “Road to Battlefield 1” missions. There’s also the names of some of the characters that will be seen in the main campaign, including  There will be 10 maps, and eight modes: Rush and Conquest are back, of course, but there’s also a mystery mode called “behemoth mode”. The name suggests having to do with big things… like Zeppelins?

There will be 42 weapons in the game, including a number of period wonders like dynamite, the Lancaster Pistol, the British Bulldog and the Remington Model 8. Also included will be 20 gadgets, which include six types of grenades, gasmasks, bandages, wrenches, and a “Rifle Launcher”. I’m admittedly not an expert on World War I era firearms, so some of you will have to tell me if this really is a rocket launcher that fires rifles at enemies.

What do you think of this datamining leak? Let us know in the comments below.


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