We’re glad to see more developers understanding the damage premium map packs have on the community of an online MP game. With this, Overwatch and Halo 5 all taking the free route with their DLC, we hope it pressures other developers to the point where this becomes the norm. We’ve criticized Gearbox a lot for their marketing of this game but we’re very impressed with how they’re handling the post launch support. And if the news by gamenguide is anything to go by, we might get a lot from Battleborn in terms of future DLC.

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Battleborn future DLC plans revealed?

Since this game is about all the stars being destroyed and fighting for the last star it allows Gearbox to do pretty much anything with the game (Toby is proof of this). We think it would be really cool if Gearbox added a Borderlands character into the game. It may not go with the Borderlands story but it would be interesting.

One thing to take note about the “free” DLC characters is while you don’t have to buy the season pass to get them, they cost a stupidly high amount of in-game credits. So, it takes a while to unlock them for free.

2K is good at pleasing consumers, Gearbox is good at pleasing consumers. They’ve teamed up before and, well, Borderlands. They did it here and for us, Battleborn is acceptable as a good game. Allowing so much freedom. We don’t know too many companies that would actually allow everyone to unlock ALL characters through the beta of their game. I just hope data crosses over from the beta to the release version. So, that’s actually a good sign that 2K and Gearbox have a lot planned for us in terms of content. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates.


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