For a game with so many strong personalities, Battleborn somehow lacks a cohesive identity. Every facet from the characters to the progression to the visual presentation feels overloaded with ideas. Some good, some bad, just confusing. Because it throws so much against the wall, the end result is a scattered grab bag of manic gameplay, complex leveling and cartoony humor. In short, Battleborn is fun but messy. And it looks to become Free to Play soon.

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Battleborn becoming F2P

The game will reportedly become free to play in the coming month with an official public announcement coming in mid-November. According to a report from Kotaku, the multiplayer shooter will undergo a restructure due to poor sales since the game’s launch in early May. An anonymous source claims that Gearbox wanted the game to be free to play right from the start. But Publisher 2K decided it was better off as a full $60 retail game.

2K has yet to respond to these claims. The decision to change the pricing model is, reportedly, partially inspired by Evolve. It’s another 2K published game which switched to free-to-play pricing back in July. The switch proved to be successful for the 4 versus 1 game with the player count crossing 1 million in less than a week after the change.

Just a week after Battleborn’s launch, Gearbox was cautiously optimistic about the game’s future. However, they have yet to release concrete sales numbers. Since then Take Two CEO has further stressed that the game’s performance on the market has been below the company’s expectations.

Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more stuff related to Gearbox’s coop shooter. We’ll update you when the official announcement is made. So far, the game is getting abysmal player count and reviews. The free to play model might turn things around for the game eventually.


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