The story of Battleborn is one of hardship. Poor showcasing, presumptuous trunk pounding and confused increases of miniaturized scale exchanges brought about the demise of the game. It’s not uncommon for a game to drop players after its underlying discharge window. In any case, Battleborn didn’t simply drop, it dove. Randy Pitchford stoops to a new low to get the game under player consideration.

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Randy Pitchford attempted to save Battleborn but wound up mortifying himself

As the months went on, Battleborn lost increasingly most of its player base. Gearbox still released substance relating to the game. Notwithstanding, that didn’t cure the issue. The main time individuals recollected Battleborn’s presence was to use as a punch line in online memes. The developers chose to include new characters, maps and opening the full in-game roster. So what’s the best way to increment player numbers even more? Porn, clearly.

Randy Pitchford is known for his work on misdirecting individuals over Aliens: Colonial Marines. He chose to bring himself to Twitter with a sweet new approach. Pitchford uncovered that Battleborn has porn based upon it, under Rule 34. He tweeted out the connection to a subreddit known as BattleBornRule 34. the whole page was flooded with hand drawn porn in light of Battleborn characters.

The subreddit is not precisely mainstream. It just has a couple pages comprising of substance from a similar few individuals. Did it start an enthusiasm for Battleborn? Amusingly enough, no. Pitchford’s idea backfired appallingly. Presently, there are images on him and his epic Twitter fizzle.

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