Batman the Telltale series is a series which is a 5 part epic. It expands this month with the release of Batman the Telltale Series Episode 2. So, what is coming up in Batman the Telltale Series Episode 2? We give you the scoop of what we know so far from trailers and rumors.

batman the telltale series episode 2
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Batman the Telltale Series Episode 2 – Get ready to dive deeper into Bruce and Harvey’s relationship

Brian O Connor, the lead developer of the game explained, in an interview with DC Entertainment, that the next episode will dive deeper into the characters. This includes Catwoman as well as the relationship between Bruce and Harvey. We will start to see some villains come out. Players will also get the choice to play Batman or Bruce, which will be the first time (but not last) in the series.

There will be a scene where you will have to choose how to deal with the current situation. It’s there you will have to decide whether you want to deal with the problem as Batman or Bruce.

Who are the Children of Arkham?

They are basically a part of what’s going on Gotham City at the moment. The developer said he doesn’t want to spoil the game by telling too much. So, you will have to play and see for yourself.

There will be particularly a fight scene where Selena and Bruce will have to pair up to deal with thugs in a bar. The developer hinted that scene to be very important and “something I’m very excited for” but hasn’t elaborated on why. We’ll just have to play the game to see for ourselves.

At this moment, it’s really hard to tell where the series is headed. Furthermore, the developers have kept quite as well as they don’t want to spoil the series for their fans. We’ll let you know if we get wind of any Batman the Telltale Series Episode 2 rumors and leaks. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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