The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 4 is set to air on Mon June 19. This episode will see Rachel Lindsay going out on a single date with suitor Dean Unglert. Find out here what is Dean scared of?

The preview of the new episode shows Rachel and 26 years old Dean heading for their one-on-one date. In this date, the pair will be seen flying in a Good Year blimp. As soon as Dean finds out about riding in a blimp he freaks out.

He is seen saying in the preview, “I’m a little bit scared.” This drops a hint that Dean is scared of heights and this worries Rachel. She explains to him that this is just like a bus. She also warns him that if he pukes she is not holding it back for him.

Rachel Lindsay
Photo Credit: Instagram/Ali Fedotowsky

As soon as the blimp ride begins Rachel goes to the pilot and wants to try out riding it. Dean is seen completely scared and worried. Rachel wants him not to fear heights and so she asks him to join the pilot in riding the blimp. Initially, Dean refuses but on Bachelorette’s insistence, he rides it for a while. Will his fear of heights keep him away from winning Rachel Lindsay’s heart? This is something to find out in this Episode 4.

Rachel Gets An Advice From Ali Fedotowsky

The Bachelorette of Season 6 Ali Fedotowsky has given an important advice to Season 13 Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. She says, “I told her to enjoy it because I didn’t,” she continues, “I cried all the time and I was pouty-faced all the time, so I told her, ‘Try to enjoy it,’” reported Life & Style Magazine.

Ali further added that Rachel is the best and that she is happy Lindsay has found love. Ali in the finale of Bachelorette Season 6 was engaged to Roberto Martinez. But the next year, she ended her engagement. She later started dating Kevin Manno and was married to him in March 2017.



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